Teaching my heart

Inspired by CHAR

I'm trying to teach my heart to lie

I hope it works; do you wonder why?

if it lies, it can set me free

I'll no longer think, of you and me

it wont tell me; Im in love with you

it will tell me; that we are through

we broke up long ago

before the spring; before the snow

I'll believe it like it were true

because it hurts; just to love you

in the beginning; we had lots of fun

I was sure you were the one

as time passed; I began to see

that you could; care less for me

I wasnt important, to you at all

but you kept me at your becken call.

I'd do anything that you ask

your happiness was; my honored task.

then you started running amuck

I heard rumors; was I a smuck

when I'd ask you'd get mad

you'd start a fight; which made me sad.

so I decided to walk away

if you didnt love me, then why stay?

but leaving you was hard to do

because I was; still in love with you

so now I feel that I am lost

loving you has such a high cost

I decided to give this try

and start teaching... my heart to lie.


Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 4/24/2017

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was talking to a friend about his relationship and I said maybe you can teach your heart to lie...

later, I decided I like the sound of it...teaching your heart to lie. 

so I wrote this poem. Hope you enjoy it.

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