As you say...(fuck love)

Inspired by CHAR




I wish you could feel the way I feel

But to you, it's no big deal!

as for me I hurt like hell

but you'd just say,"It's just as well!"

You don't hurt, and you wont cry

because to you... it was all a lie

but for me, I fell in love

I thought you were, my gift from above.

To you I was just, the lame who paid

You thought I was about, just getting laid.

I sit in our room and look around

not one thing of yours, can be found!

again I realize, your not here

then, tears fill my eyes, I miss you dear!

I think back to times, when we had fun

Yon made me feel like, I was the one

the one you'd do anything for

but I was wrong, you wanted something more.

It wasnt me who could have your heart

I never had a chance, right from rhe start.

I wish you could feel the pain I feel

Like i do, learning we were'nt real.

I feel you used me, you say you cared...

but you wouldn't compromise, or do your share.

You took all, I could do for you

but no-way would you do the same too.

I wish you would feel, like you were the fool

and I was the one who felt nothing, and thought it was cool.

God knows I miss you, anyone can see

but as you say... "FUCK LOVE!" you dont miss me!

So my sweetheart, I must face the fact

you never loved me, and you're not coming back!!


 ©Paul (ChryWizard) Posney 12/08/2016 .

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