You are...

Inspired by CHAR

 You are my best friend, and I love you for that

You are the best and worst thing, that's happened to me, that's a fact!

You are the lighthouse that lights my way

You are the fresh air, I breath each day

You are the inspiration, that inspires my poems

You are the love, that warms up my home

You are the life, I've yet to live

You are the kindness, that helps me to give.


You are the pain in my heart

When ever we two , are apart

You are the torment that drives me insane

You are the one who I have to blame.

You are the lies that you tell me to get by

I always know when your trying to decide

You are the woman I want some more

You are the bitch, I want to use like a whore.


You are all of the above

You play games, and run from love

I even hate you some of the time

I love you best when you are mine

You inspired the words in this poem

I wish you'd get your ass back home!!!


By: Paul A.  Posney 04/02/17

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