I don't give a fuck

I'm getting better at not giving  fuck

Tonight when you disappeared, I said "so what!"

You said you'd get a ice cream and then catch up

But I knew then, you wouldn't show up.

I was annoyed, that you felt you had to lie

But I'm getting used to it, I don't care why.

I'd rather you were honest, but if lying works for you

I'm learning to tell, so do what you gotta do!

Since I don't control you and you do what you choose

Why would you do something, that can make you lose.

Since I no longer care, how you spend your time

I really don't give a fuck, which suits me just fine

I'm tired of the games, you feel you have to play

It really doesn't bother me, if I don't see you every day.

Soon I will be, where I won't miss you at all

Where I won't give a fuck, even if you don't call

Who says you can't, teach a old dog new tricks

I'm learning everyday, not to give a shit!

So I'll see you when I do, and not care when I don't

I'll no longer worry about you, because you prefer I wont

By: Paul A. Posney 03/23/27


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