Sadly & Slowly

Sadly and slowly I'm letting you go

Tho I don't matter, I'm thought you should know.

Since you've been leaving, and not coming home

Getting over you is easier, since I'm alone

There was a time, when I missed you so bad

But that time is gone, and I'm no longer that sad.

I was in love with you, for "oh gawd" so long.

But now that feeling is less, that love isn't so strong.

At the rate you are going, this love soon will be dead

And then you'll be just a memory, inside my head. 

Looking at it this way, you didn't seem to want me

So soon we'll be even, and we'll both be set free.

I'm sorry we couldn't make it, the way I had hoped

But I guess I had no chance, when In just one of your jokes

All the lies you told me, you thought I believed

I knew were just lies, meant to decive.

You can't stop people, from talking about you

Even some of your "friends" had to brag about things you would do...

All of your secrets, found their way to me

But I played along acting, as if I didn't see

Finely I realized, my love wasn't enough for you

You kept me at arm's length, so you could do what you do

So my dear woman, your getting your way at last

Just a few more weeks, and I'll be part of your past...

I wonder if you'll miss me, once I am gone

Will you think of me, when you hear... a certain song?

I know I'll think of you often, and hope your doing fine

I'll feel a little regret,that I couldnt make you mine

But you wanted a life, where love wasn't real

A life made easier, when you didn't have to feel.

Doing what you had to, just to get well

Doing things in secrect, because you were too ashamed to tell

So sadly and slowly, I'm giving up on our love

You've finely made me see, it never really was

I hope when you look back, you think fondly of me

And remember I loved you, but you wanted to be free...


By: Paul Posney 03/24/17

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