To honor my friend Sheri

To honor my friend, I write her this poem

She has gone to God, she is now home!
I loved her much more, then most people knew
I ask myself now, what will I do
When she was sad, she'd ask, write me to write her a rhyme
So I would write her a diddy, and her smile would make her face shine.
I will always be grateful , she was part of me
now theres a hole, where she used to be!
when she was hurt, I tracked her down
Me and my girlfriend, drove up to Reno town.
she was left stranded, hurt and alone
the man she loved, didnt even give her money to get home.
Now she has passed, and she will be missed,
I hope he at least, gave her a fair well kiss
she had many friends, so she will live on through them
she left behind 3 children, and a mother who's great
I will see her again, she will be waiting at the pearly gate.
so to all who knew her please dont be sad
she wouldnt like that, and please dont be mad!
keep her in your heart, where she should always be...
She will be missed by all... especially by me!

by Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 11/26/2016
In honor of my dear friend, Sheri Papazian whom I will miss...

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