whats being said (when the abuse starts)

You know you seem petty as your walking away...

I want to fight, so I want you to stay!!!

Saying degrading things, just to hurt you so bad.

Causing you pain when I'm angry, makes me so glad!

Calling you names until you believe them yourself

Allows me to keep you in line... like my toy on a shelf!

Making you hurt, seeing the tears in your eyes

Helps me to convince you, there's truth in my lies!

Your feelings don't matter, only mine do...

I manipulate your mind and your love too!

Even when I hit you... "I'm sorry!" I'll say...

You'll forgive me again... so I'll do it another day!!!

I am a teacher, see how I teach?

I teach not only you, but our kids too I teach!

The thing I love about you more then the rest...

Is you're to stupid to see... leaving me would be best!!!

©Paul ( ChryWizard) Posney 07/02/15 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after looking at several relationships where one or the other in each situation was abusive.

" STOP THE ABUSE LEAVE IF YOU MUST...the life you save may be your own!!!"

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