For Jessica .part II.

Wilting Blossoms.

today, i am

flooded by the yesterday,

of us, together

this ever present in me, deep regret,

rooted in the things i left behind

and how i can't forget,

to what i was attached

which was more than i expected,

an all hastened moment

when i first turned my back,

never suspecting that

such a vacancy would be left,

beyond my mending

or better yet

i wanted to feel the lingering,

as a reminder

to appreciate how close one gets

and how she felt like everything i wanted,

that so desperately,

i tried to convince

a friend of what i needed, so selfishly

to risk, her strength, for my weakness,

i asked for more, than our timing could allow

and now my hands are empty

and my heart beats, aching,

for all the little things that remind me,

of you.

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