Live and Birds

It was a sunny day by the pond, when birds flew to build their nests.  Feeling free and joyful, birds sang merriment chants with their content hearts. We could see frogs hoping around, fishes swimming in the pond and all sorts of colorful aquatic plants.


     “Why do you chant so much?” asked the frog, hoping towards the bird nest.


     “It’s summer time,” replied the momma bird. “We are expecting our baby birds so we prepare for their coming. Baby birds are able to hear or melodious chants and of course its an expression of our mirth feeling.”


The Frog hopped closer, and fish started to gather around them to listen to the sweet-sounding of the momma bird’s chants. Fishes bubbled notes up and swam allegorically.

     Frog delighted about the melodies said, “This is my favorite time of the year, you birds come and enrich our pond making it look more colorful and alive. It seems that when you fellas come, you bring light to our abandoned pond.”


Days passed by, nests where all done, and expecting momma birds kept chanting that made it seem like a big fest that could stop.

Suddenly sunny days started to shade off, unusual for this time of the year. Fear started to rise, and rumors of something bad was about to happen. Nervousness expanded and the feeling of a little breeze that gave you the creeps.

No more chants, hidden frogs, no fishes at sight, plants dying, everything turning dark, just as if something really bad was about to happen. It was the end of times.


Birds feared for their families. Fishes started to die and float. Frogs had a contagious disease, everything was wrong. Nothing seemed right, this was the “good-bye”.


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