I just moved back home to the south.
I love a guy who is
a good kisser on the mouth.
I just moved to the south back home.
I don't want to be alone.
Please, please, call me see, on the phone.


I'm ready to get back out there.
I would to find about whom to care.
I hope see, it's true, he would care about me too.
I love a guy who
will keep me warm at night.
I love a guy who
I can hold really, really tight.


I love to smile. 
So, why don't you sit down, stay a while.
All the things that we could do.
I love to talk and listen too.


A movie or maybe out to eat.
That would be really, really neat.  A treat.
Finally, there's my mom and dad.
I hope you could make them glad.
My last guy, my parents really did hate.
They did not see, think he was first rate.
If anywhere serious we would go,
that is something I would need to go.
Then, in you, it's true,
a pride they would not hide.
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