It takes a toll on you. It'll make you blue.
It on you, takes a toll. Getting across the state is the goal.
It makes you blue. Getting across the state, is what you'll want to do.
It's not great.
This road goes on and on and on for miles and miles and miles.
There are no smiles.
A perpetual night, never comes the dawn.
No end in sight. Never will come the light.
It never, never, never, does end.
You could really use a friend.
It keeps going straight through. There's nothing to do.
Nothing to view.
Not even a tree. Nothing to see. It's just me.
It's tough if you're in a car, really from home, far.
It's worse if you're all alone. And, far from home.
It's always the same. It's just like all
the other roads on the prairies and the plains.
It can drive you insane.

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