All this places look the same.  It can drive somebody insane.

All these faces do too.  It's true.  I'm blue.

When you've come so far, you cant even remember where you are.  

    You can get really, really lost.  

A ship in the mighty, mighty, sea tossed.

  On the road.

             I really miss you.

    All these places I roam.  The more spaces I roam.

    The more places I go.  The more spaces I go.

     The more I know.

     I really miss home.  

     I wish I could go home.  I feel so alone.

       On the road.

     Every night in bed.  All the thoughts in my bed.

   All the couples I see.  They remind me of you and me.

    I get the blues.  I get confuse as to where I am.

          It's a long, long, trip.  It's a long, long, tour.

       It is more than I can endure.    

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