I, can, be, see with my girl.

             How she makes my head and heart twirl.

               How she makes them curl.

                   I can with her walk.

                   I, can, with her talk.

Thank you for this sky of blue.  

   See, I can be with my friend Lou.

    As I'm sure you know,

it's a relationship that I would love to grow.

      If that's not with it did do, that would be ok too.

             Any plan that you want to inplement, with it I'll be content.

      You are my guide, and in you, I like to confide.

               Thanks for bringing this sky of blue.

            Thank you for not bringing the pain.  

Thank you God for this blue sky.  

Thanks for not making me cry.

                 Thank you God for bringing the sun.

                 Thank you God I owe you one.

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