Yes, it's true.

   I confess.  I'm in a state of great, great, depress.

   I'm very, very, blue.

   I just don't know what I'm going to do.

   I'm still not over you.

   I don't see my friends.

   I wish this pain would end.

   A very heavy rain driving me insane.

   I'm still not over you.  

    I lay in bed.

    All the thoughts in my head.

    I wish I could think of something else, instead.

    I'm really, really tired.

    I can't do my job.  I might get fired.

    I'm still not over you.

    I would love to call you on the phone.

    I feel so alone.

    I would love to on the phone you call.

    I would love to know why out of love we did fall,

    Why do I have to cry.

    I'm still not over you.


    All these images of us, I recollect.

   They go so fast.  It really has past.

   My body, they infect.

  All the things that we used to do.  I'm blue.

   I'm still not over you.  

  I just sit at all alone at home.

  Wanting to do things, see wit me, are my friends.

  I know outside the world just keeps going by.

  It just makes me want to cry.

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