This is not my day.

                 This is not the way.

              Home, is where I should have stayed.

                    It could affect my pay.

                        I'm late for work.


                   This is going to be my fate.

                         I'm going to be late.

                  A situation, not first rate.

              My boss is going to hate.

                       I'm late for work.

                     A fact I can't ignore.

                    My boss is going to roar.

                    This is'nt going well.

                    My boss is going to yell.

                        I'm late for work.


                    I'm so tired.  I might get fired.

   My boss will make a commotion.  

  This could affect my promotion.

   My boss might make a fuss.  This could affect my bonus.

           They'll be anger between us.

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