That clock can't be right.

        Over is the night.  I'm not going to be all right.

                   I have a fright.

                 There's going to be a fight.

                     Not a delight.

                 I'm late for school.


           I'm still in bed.  All these thoughts in my head.

              I should have not stayed up late last night.  

   I should have been in bed instead.

            I really have a fright.  

              My parents and I will have a fight.

                     I'm late for school.


     I'm not going to be on time.  This is not fine.        

                   I really being late.  It's not great.

                   This is my fate.

              I'm late for school.


              This is'nt cool.

              I'm breaking the rule.

              My first class is one that

             I'm not going to pass.

                   I'm late for school.


              My parents and teachers are going to complain.  

        This, I'll have to explain.  That will be a pain.

             I'm late today. this is not my day.

                    They'll hate, my being late.

                 Yes, a mention, detention.

                 I'm late for school.


Tomorrow, I need a new plan, understand, a new way.  I'll say.

        I just don't see why this is happening to me.

When, dentention I'm found, my parents me see, might ground.

                   Around my neighborhood, I won't be found.

                          See, they may take away the TV.

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