THANK YOU LOU

              Thank you for taking a chance on me.

            Thank you for wanting to dancing with me.

             Thank you for your honesty.  

       It, see really means a lot to me.

               Thank you for wanting to dance with me.

            Thanks for understanding who am I

              Thank you for my disability, you ignore.

              Thank you for opening a door.

               Thank you for seeing more.

               Thank you for taking my hand.

               For saying you understand.

         Thank you for not saying bye.  

       Thank you for not making me cry.

    Thank you for being you.  Thanks for not making me blue.

          Thank you for believing.  Thanks for not deceiving.

Thank you for not playing a game.  

  Thanks for not being insane.

     Thank you for not being a pain.  Thank you for being the sun and not the rain.    

     Thank you for being a friend.  

I hope our good times together never end.



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