I'm gonna get into a boxcar.  

     I from it all am gonna get away far.

          So, see, they're going to take me.  

      They roll through here every day.  

     They go away.  In both directions.

They get away from this imperfection.  They get away fast.

        They, and I are going to be past.

       I will no longer cry.

         I'm gonna catch a train.

           This never does change.  There's no range.

Yes, that's what I'm going to do.  I'll no longer be blue

  This town so small.  I'm running away from it all.

            I need more.  I really need to explore.

     It's always the same.  It can drive a person insane.

  It's the same all day.  I, can't stay.  I can't play.    It's the same all night.  I have a fright.

              I'm gonna catch a train.            

     I really need a light.  My future needs to bright.

     I'm gonna get out of here.  Over, will be my fear.

     My parents'll shed a tear.  My parent'll have fear.

          My family and friends, this is the end.

              They'll understand, this is my plan.

              They'll be so proud.  A train sounds so loud.

            I'm gonna catch a train.

              I'm going to end this pain.  

   I'm going to end this intense rain.

     I'm going to end this land of sun.  This land of no fun.

                Away, I'll go.

                 Getting away from here is my goal.

         I've been here all my life whole.  It's all I know.  

                      It cuts me with a knife.

          Away from here, I want to go.  I want to grow.


                I'm gonna catch a train.

                 This just repeats.  I'm facing defeat.

                 It's a game insane,

                  It's like the movie Groundhog Day.

                 I've got to get away.

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