You could end up in Rhode Island, and really need a hand.

           You could end up in Maine, and really go insane.

You could end up in the state nicknamed Empire.  

Of these trips, you'll really tire.

Whatever direction you go, you know they'll be inperfections.

  Whatever direction, you go, you know, you try, you'll cry.

    Whatever direction, you go, will you get there, no

      North, South, east, west, a situation not the best


       You'll be in a car, and really, really, not get far.  You'll get on the wrong road, and have to fold.

           You'll be in a train, and could go insane.  

You'll get off at a stop that's wrong, sing a blues song.

           You'll end in what place,

             It'll take the smile right off your face.

           Who knows thew place you'll end.

          You'll really need a friend.


                It does'nt matter what you're going to do.

                 By the time you get there, it'll be through.

     This much I know, you won't get to where you want to go.

              See, you better make a plan B.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about
a group I am a part of, and that their trips never get anywhere.

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