How will I make it on my own?

  I am so far from home.

  I can see the lights of Nashville city.  They are so pretty.

                 They are so bright.  They light up the night.

              I've been driving a long time on the highway.  From home, I'm a long way.  I'm all alone.

             I'm come a long way far.  I'll sleep in my car.

                  Just a guitar, a demo CD and me.


                  I play in coffee shops, see, bars too.

                              It's true.  I try not to be blue.

I'm trying to get my name out there.  

  I'm trying to play the game.   It can be insane.

     I want see people about me to care.

                              I'm trying to go far.

                          I'm trying not to make any mistakes.  I'm looking for my big break.

   Just a guitar, a demo CD and me.


  I must confess, I really want success.

  I've come far.  I really want to be a star.

  I would love a record deal.  Good would be how I would feel.

  I just wish that somebody would take the time.  

  It would be more than fine.

  To listen to my CD see.  Or to listen my play.  

  I hope a few minutes, they would stay.  

Just a guitar, a demo CD and me.

Just a guitar, a demo CD and me.



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