Love can be a lie.

          It can make you cry.

          It can pass you by.  

           It can make you ask why.


That's what love can do.

          There can be see, somebody about whom you do care.

      Fast, it can fall apart.  It can be so hard on a heart.

          Apart it can blow you, like a hurricane or a tornado.

          She can leave you standing there.  It does'nt care.

  That's what love can do.


                       Suddenly, it can end.

                      You can lose your girlfriend.

  The friend to you was the best.  A bullet in the chest.

     You can be blue.

                       You can think everything is fine.  

                   Then, there can be see, the end of the line.

You can see, be on top of world, and then your story's told.

             On the world top, and then things go pop.

   That's what love can do.

         Love can make scream and shout.  You have no idea what it is about.

          Love can make scream.  It can be a sweet dream.  It can be neat.  A treat.

   Though, you it's true can also defeat.  You can be blue.

          It can turn from a dream to a nightmare.

          It can give you a fright.

          It can give you a scare.

That's what love can do.

That's what love can do.

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