On this day, yes, I'll come over to play.

   On this day, yes, I'll come over for the holidays to stay.

   On this holiday, one of the most important of the year,

        You, have no fear.  You, don't shed a tear.

                    I'll spend Christmas with you.

In the month of December, days 24 and 25, you will feel alive.

            You won't be alone for the holiday.  

             No, that's not the way.      

     You see, we'll put our gifts under the Christmas tree.

     I want you to know, we can kiss under the mistletoe.

                     I'll spend Christmas with you.


                   You know that one and one is two.  true.

               We'll sit in front of the fire, until we tire.

         The feelings of love for each other getting higher.

                  This is true.  You know I'm not a liar.  

                      I'll spend Christmas with you.


           It's a great day to spend with a friend.

              It hope it never does end.

       The only time you and I be blue is when it's through.

            You don't have to cry.  You don't have to ask why.

              You don't have to want to die


  I'll spend Christmas with you.    

     You won't be home alone.

          We'll see us what Santa did bring.  

   Christmas carols we'll sing.

      Opening gifts under the tree, see will be you and me.


      I'll spend Christmas with you.


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