I know you are going to cry.  

     I am going to say goodbye.

     I know you are going to ask why.

     I know you are going to feel like you are going to die.

         It's over.


    My poems, my dear, you never wanted to hear.        

    You never let me have any fun.  We are done.

    You never let me do what I want to do.  We are through.

    You never let me sing songs.  I am going to go along.  

    You never let me rhyme.

    You never let me have a good time.

        It's over.

     I know it is compromise.

     But, I have had too long the sun in my eyes.

     I can no longer take the pain.

     I finally found the rain.

         It's over.

           It is true, we are through.

           You see, I am finally going to be free.

           I, with you, no longer want to explore.

           I, on you, want to shut the door.

           The door I am going to slam, wham.


         Oh, it's over.

         Yeah, it's over.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes, some people you just need to get away from.  This is a list of complaints I had against this person.  She knew of them, they were not resolved.  I wish her well.

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