She's laying on the bed.

           The pillow under her head.

           She opens her eye a touch, not very much.

           as I am getting ready for work.

           I can see her begin to cry.

        In the morning.

           She sees, but see, she does not want to.

           Yes, it is true.

           I tell her it is what I have to do.

           She hates to see me go.  It really makes her blue.  

           She always says no.


      In the morning.

    A game we play.  

    Home from work is where she wants to to stay.

    Yes, me, she does care.

      In the morning.

          She does not say much, but I know,

          In the mornings, she hates to see me go.

          I wish I could stay the whole day.

          She and I could play.

          Yeah, that with me, would be ok.

       Oh, in the morning.

       Yeah, in the morning.

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