Oh baby, it will be a delight.

              We can have fun all night.

              We can play until up comes the sun.

              The moon is big and bright.

              Then, we sleep until the next night.

              I'm yours tonight.

              We can explore the night world on a tour.

              The stories told.

              The things that unfold.

              Being with you, is as good as gold.

              I'm your tonight.

              We can play the whole night through.

              There is so much we can do.

              We can explore.

              We can see what is behind every door.

              We can take a tour.


               I'm yours tonight.

              Yes, it is true.

              When I am with you, I will not be blue.

              I hope we will never be through.

              Oh, I'm yours tonight.

             Yeah, I'm yours tonight.



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