You make me want to sing.

       You make me want to, with my wings, fly so high

       through the sky.

       We could look down at the ground all around.

       There would not be a sound.

        I would'nt change a thing.

       You're as peaceful as a cat.

       There is nothing that with you, I would not do.

       I really love looking at you.

       Yes, it is very true.

       I want to give a wedding ring to you.

        I would'nt change a thing.

        Yes, it is true.

        You are as pretty as the view from a high height.

        You are as pretty as the lights of a city

        At night, they are so big and bright.

        They are a real delight.

        The lights of a town.

        A bride in her wedding gown.

        I would'nt change a thing.

        You're as playful as a seal.

        As enjoyable as my favorite meal.

        You are better than winning everything on

        Let's Make A Deal.

        I love the way you make me feel.


        Oh, I would'nt change a thing.

        Yeah, I would'nt change a thing.



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