I hoped she would call.

        I wanted that more than anything at the mall.

        I was beginning to bawl; looking down

      a long, long, long, hall.

        I moped around the house like a mouse.

        I, around my neck, felt the rope tight; when she called, it would be a delight.

        I was at my lowest point; feeling another night gone.

        I was about to start begging for the dawn.

        I felt I was about the fall.


    She called and she was the answer to all.

    She was the cure to all pain; like a soft, spring rain.

    A big gain in a big football game.

    A ding in my head; a great reason to get out bed.

    She was a beautiful sight; a real delight.

    She came at 7, and I was in heaven.

    We had dinner, talked, out and around, we walked.

    We danced under the stars; we looked at the moon and Mars.

    We had a great time.

  She was sweet as a lime.


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