I want to be here with you, my dear.

          When I am not with you, I have a lot of fear.

          When you are not near me, you see,

          I shed a tear.

          I look up in the sky and I cry.

          I ask why oh why.  

         I'm just loving you.

           Yes, it is true.

           When, I am not with you.

           I am blue.

           I ask myself, what am I going to do?

           I'm just loving you.

           Oh, every day with you is new.

           It is another chance to play.

           We will just see where the road will go.

           Every day with you, there is so much to do.


           I'm just loving you.


           The morning begins; the dew on the grass.

           Time does go by, sometimes it flies.

           Time, as sweet as a lime.

           Time, as fun as a rhyme.

           As the birds fly in the sky.

           You just look and say my oh my.

           I'm just loving you.

           Loving you is about all that I care.

           You are somebody that I would never want to share.

           You, as fun as a day at the county fair.

           I would never leave you, even on a dare.

           I would not want to be else anywhere.

         Oh, I'm just loving you.

         Yeah, I'm just loving you.



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