1. Where do cows want to go in the universe?  The moo-n.

   2. What do cows do for entertainment?  They go to moo-vies.

   3. What did the cow say to the other cow that was blocking the street?  Moo-ve it.

   4. What did the cow call the first thing she was milked?

   A moo-ving experience.

   5. If a cow seems to be upset at other cows, what is it called?  A moo-d.

  6. What do you call a cow who is scared of everythhing?  

     A cow-ard.

  7. What is a cow's favorite body part? a calf.

  8. Why did the cow tell the joke for a long, long, lime time?

     She wanted to MILK it for all that it is worth.

  9. Why did the cow attend the meeting?

     He had a steak in the outcome of the project?

  10. What do you call it when two cows get into a disagreement or a fight?

   A beef.

  11. What did one cow say to the other cow to calm him down?

  Don't have a cow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

   Well, I said they were corny.

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