The day just went by.

               The birthday that was supposed to be my.

               I wanted to cry.

               All the presents, I was hoping they bought.

           All the new toys and games.  They were really hot.

                I thought I was going to get a lot.

               They were tardy.  

               I wanted a party.

               Boy was I sorry.

               They did not really seem to care.

               It was not fair.

     All my friends got parties.  They were fun till the end.

     I stayed at home alone.  They were not even there.

      A time to moan.  A time to groan.

        Where they were, I did not know.

          A place I wanted to go, we did not.

         Words about my party were not heard.


             At a moment when I was very bord.

             I heard some noises in a room.

             I was scared.

             But, into the room, I dared to go.

             I kept my footsteps low.


           What happened next hit me like a rock.

           I thought I was going to fall over from the shock.

           What did my eyes see.

           People jumping from behind the potted tree.

           Surprise was the yell.

           People were even behind the paintings of the well.

           People were hiding behind the door.  

           Some jumping up from the floor.

           There were more and more and more.

           I was in shock.  

           I could barely talk.

           The noise louder than all the items in

       a tick-tock clock shop, striking noon,

            My head starting to swoon.

      I felt like I was spinning, like I had just fallen off

             a beach sand dune.

           I felt like a buffoon.


            They were tardy, but we could still have a party.

       Cake they had brought.

       Presents they had bought.

       Faking me out, that was what they were about.

         And they did it great.  They did it first rate.

          Let the day go bye, make me ask why.  Make me cry.

        Then, when I least expected, a plan they perfected in

                a great way.

               What a great day!

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