Just to see you smile.

        It eases the pain a mile.

        Please stay with me a while.

        It's as pretty as the night lights of a city.

        It's true, spending time with you's what I like to do.

          Just to see you.


       Just to see your laugh.

       A sound I can't ignore.  A feeling I love to explore.

       A cut of my pain in half.

       A walk in the rain.  I can ease your pain.

       A walk in the sun.  Yes, it's really fun.

         Just to see you.

          Just to see your face.

          It sends me to a different place.

          It sends me to a different space.

          A slow down of the pace.

          A slow down of the chase.


         Just to see you.

          Oh baby, I hope our times together never end.

          I love you as more than a friend.

          I have somebody to grow old.

          You lightened my heavy load.

          A feeling of finding gold.

          Oh, just to see you.

          Yeah, just to see you.

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