I am standing here by the track.

  The army of panic is launching an attack.

  My head is feeling the whack.

  I wish I were home in bed.

  This trip, I want to end.

  I'm getting nowhere fast.

  This trip was a mistake.

  I have really hit the break.

  It's worse than running out of chocolate cake.

  What more turns can it take.

  I am feeling the burn.

  I'm getting nowhere fast.

  The train left, and nobody looked back.

  It's too late.

  Closed is the gate.

  Closed is the station.

  This is an annoying situation.

  I'm getting nowhere fast.

           My dear, I have a fear.

           A while in this place I am going to sit.

           I want to call somebody.

           But, there is no phone to dial.

           I have stopped the miles.

           My head feels like it has been hit.

   I'm getting nowhere fast.

  The train has past.

  Away, the plane has flew.

  Yes, it is true.

  The car is now away from me, far.

  What am I going to do.


  I'm getting nowhere fast.

  I'm standing in the rain.

  I can feel the pain.

  It is driving me insame.


  Oh, I'm getting nowhere fast.

  Yeah, I'm getting nowhere fast.  

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