Get a dog.

      That's right.  Get a dog.

      Yes, it is not perfect.

      If you are young and single,

      you need to go home right after work and

      get the done and bone.

      You need to take the dog out and about.

      A dog, welcoming you home from work can be a delight.

      A dog can be an awesome sight.

      If you get a small dog, children will not have fright.

      Though, big dogs are too great.

      They still wait for you,

      even when you are late.

      A roomate you will never hate.

      A roomate you you never what he/she will do next.

      A wonder twist of fate.

      A dog can be as fun as rolling a log

      into a lake.

      No, a dog is not a mistake.

      So, get a dog.

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