I am a truck driver,
        Yes, it's what I do. true.
        A knight o the open road.  Alright.
       Love carrying my load on the road.
       This is what I always wanted to do.
      Trucks always gave me, see, this boy,.
       a lot of joy.
       I remember going to school.
       It was so cool.
       Reading all the books.
       Passing all the tests. 
       I wanted to be, see, the best. 
        I don't mind being away for days.
        I make nice pay. 
        I don't have a wife.  Driving is my life.
        I don't mind being away from home.  Don't mind being alone.
    Truck is my best friend
   We're together days on end.
     Interstate is great.
    I don't hate.
  Love driiving through all
  the states.
   Love radio.  Hearing where all the trucks do go.
  Songs.  Sing along.
  A meal.  Good, I feel.
    Big cities pretty towns small all.
   I never know where I'll be asked to go.
  ,A map, a clue what to do.
   The police.  The cops.
  Hope see, me they do not stop.
  Sometimes, I wish the police would just cease.
   How long can I be on the road?
There is a limit o time.
   I do have a deadline.
  I miss it, it's not fine.
  Things dont go well.  Boss does yell.
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