Walking about the steady countryside,

Crisp, clear blue April sky

Walking about,

Alongside the raging current

Of a lonely river.

My wobbling dog trailing behind me,

Lazily sniffing at the wild flowers and weeds.

Yellows and Greens lining the narrow dirt path,

Brown Shoes getting scuffed on nature’s soil and rubble.

Red-headed woodpeckers dancing on trees

bees and gnats and spiders

      Even my Long braided hair,

Hitting against the thick cotton of my knitted dress.

Makes the day so hot and lack-luster.

My basket is holding…


Bright yellows, grinning at me

Now, Where was I


Lines and lines of endless 


I'm having trouble remembering,

Where was I going?


The house?


What am I talking about?

What year is this?

I close my eyes tightly. Stopped in the middle

Of a dusty trail.

It is so hot here

Thrashing river, solemn sound beside me. 

I open my eyes.

I’m still on this stranger countryside.

A sad dog is staring up at me.

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