I don't know the reason why we are arguing,

Plus all of our friends are just laughing..

You handed me your stuffs before playing basketball,

But then I just ignored you at all..


The moment I saw you playing in the court,

I didn't realize I was giving you my support..

Seeing you working hard and giving your best,

All I could do is be with you in this test..


The game ends with your team as winners,

And the cheers of the spectators are even louder..

Amidst all the chaos inside the court,

I saw the reason why I like you from the start..


We ended up smiling and laughing,

And all our friends were grinning and teasing..

The arguing we had at the beginning,

Disappeared without any warning..


The sound of laughter starts to fade,

And I caught myself in my own bed..

It was only just a dream..

The happiest midsummer night dream..

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