Braken the chains

2009 poems

How this
How that
When everyone
won't get back
I try to be calm
I try to be sane
All that I can do is
scream why this
why me
every single day
I pray to God
That it wouldn't happen
to me
Guess what
It finally did

Now all I can think of
Why did this have to happen to me
this way
when it did

I screamed
I cried
I ask the whole world why

I fight
I sigh
Then I feel you holdin' me tight
all through out every night
Saying that you won't leave me
and that you won't leave me blue
and that you'll always be true

What am I suppose to do
When all you do
is hurt me
put me through pain
abuse me
and then say
I really didn't mean too

That's nothing but lies
How can I trust you
with my heart every time
When all you do
is bring me down
and make me feel
like I'm nothing to you?

Please tell me the reason
behind this
If not
Then we're finally through
and you know it'll always
be true

(c)Cherisse Powers


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