Parents stay for one ☝ reason

2006 poems

Parents leave at an early age in their 

Children's life, I say why do I have to be

One of these? 

Maybe because he didn't see

A true family and

What it really needs to be 

To make it a strong house hold.

I only love my Mother 


She went further and

stayed in my life

When it was more affectionate

for hugs and she had to

Wipe my sad little tears 

When I heard words from my

Grandma, on how bad my

Father is and probably will

Always be.

Parents only stay, 

if they really felt that love;

and when they don't;

then they just get up and

walk right out of the room

and just go out the door,

To where you never have to 

see them anymore.

I fear this about every night

When I have a huge fright

In the middle of the night.

I pray to God for him to come back,

but I really know that he isn't.

I don't know why I am wasting 

My breathe and time

Just writing away

about my thoughts on my ugly

and mean looking dad.

I get pissed, to the point to where

I want to kick someone or something

Then when i do; 

I get torn into or torn up inside

because I have torn the heart

Of others and mine.

Father of mine, never was a father

At the time, and still is holding that 

to his heart every night 

because I know

That he does not want to have 

anything to do with me

My brother, and baby sister

that still loves me too,

like our Mother does.

©Cherisse Powers


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