Expression of complexity

What makes this world so special?

maybe it is the complexity of the human make up. 

A universe in our head. 

Vast space beyond concept of universe in our hearts. 

Our eyes that see, black holes absorbing light. 

Our hands outstretched, or closing tight. 

Do I need to continue, or does your mind naturally begin to wander

pondering all the different complexities and miracles that it takes 

to be a human. 

We are so magnificent.

but this is only the tip of the ice burg. 

The less we focus on our self,

the more beautiful it gets. 

For everything on this earth is so complex. 

Every cell, receiving information from its surroundings.

For the sake of being more alive, it's all altering and rearranging 

Evolving with a relentless passion to be more conscious and aware. 

Now an insect is more complex than a star. 

What is planet earth?

This earth is not a rock floating in outer space. 

It is much more. 

With oceans that breathe

holding much space for being. 

This earth is a body, and a body is a temple

filled with life. 

More life than what we can comprehend,

we block it out behind our thoughts or our television. 

it gets too complex and causes our head to spin. 

We all feel a pain for this planet we call home,

but we block it out in any way that feels best. 

We don't want to feel the burden, the weight on our chest. 

How planet earth is going through pains.

oh how I hope these are just growing pains. 

But she is not going through this alone,

for this complexity of creation

is interconnected

so much that the only difference between us

is the one space and time has reflected. 

for at the deepest level of our being.

we all consist of the same substance. 

All this complexity was created by chaos,

how does it stay together?

Through the order of love. 

Love... The solid foundation, a glimpse of eternity upon a life

that one day we will leave. 

How will we leave it?

As this person you think you are, 

how will you make your mark?

 How will you make a difference

on earth in which you are such a part?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Flowing from Soul. 

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