ahh₩aken~θpen your eye§

I want to reach out to you

Hold you in my heart

Let the rhythm soothe you into a blissful sleep

To make up for all the times you felt like you werent worth a thing

I want to kiss you with my eyes

Awaken your heart in a surprise

I want to show you your beauty

Reflected through mine

We are truly divine. 

I want to sing with tones that give you chills

And every word breathes life like water through gills

I want you to feel the power of mother earth rise

Up from your feet and out the pupils of your eyes

I want to be the one to awaken you

From a long cold lonely dream

I want to listen closely until you

Once again spread your wings

And fearlessly begin to sing. 

Sing like nobody ever told you to stop

Love like you have never known lost

I wish for you to awaken

The joy that has been taken

That is the essence of your very being

That overflows through your every cell

Through every breath you are breathing

Every moment, an eternal well. 

(The wellspring of de~light 

Is the life I see in your eyes. )


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