flowetry rhymes

I don't need anybody to tell me what is wrong or right

I will open up my heart and let my own mind decide

Creativity comes in all forms

It been forming in me

since the day I was born

Fingers on the keyboard

My fingers never been on the trigger

My hearts constantly growing bigger

but I was the runt of the litter

Go figure

Thats the way we play around here

Worries out of sight,

and a smile ear to ear

I know itl be alright

I let it all dissapear

in my tears, facing fears, in the mirror, whatever

I strive to for things to get better

no matter how the weather

I know I'm young but so much has happened

so far so good I'm hapy bout where I landed

Things don't work out like I planned them

but i know the power of manifestation

and inspiration.

Got the passion in my veins and

any problems i'll rearange them till

I feel the creativity flowin

from my soul in

to this world

from the world

of the unknown

I'm so in my zone

when im going with the flow

spittin words that youve never heard before

that will make you soar

through open doors

so much to explore

light filling every pore

Can you feel this love pouring out?

this is what life is all about





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