synchronistic manifestation of heart/soul with outer reality AFFIRMATION

What should I focus on manifesting?

What is my highest joy?

What is my highest intention?

What can I do that will be in the highest good of all?

I trust in the universe

I trust in my spirit guides

I trust in my angels

I trust in my higher self.

I let go of my fears

I let go of my doubts

I know I deserve to be happy

I know resonating at the highest frequency possible is my birthright.

I am on my joy path

I transcend all the lower conscious feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are surfacing

I forgive myself

I believe in myself

I love myself

I am love

I know that my heart knows what is my highest path

I know my higher self knows what is my highest good

I trust that the perfect path will be revealed to me

My heart is manifesting the highest good, my highest joy every moment.

Synchronicity and synergy are constant

 My outer reality is in alignment with my higher self/inner reality

I am fully aligning with my passions and highest joy!



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