holistic healing poetry

Stay in your tomb. forming in the womb, metamorphosis cocoon
one day you will bloom, flying high really soon
theres no sense in gaining knowledge from customs,
I listen to my heart and remember beyond the accustoms
we are not here to build up walls, we are here to tear them down
to bloom outward, yet search deeper and open the gifts we have found
within ourselves is something far greater than our minds could fully perceive
our lives are the water which waters our inner knowing seed
its more of a remembering than a learning, your learning it all over again
yet the everyday experiences are unique I wish you blessings and time well spent
instead of going through the everyday motions
I set my boat in motion on great oceans
of divine eternity
From the shell I break free and fly in unity, so perfectly me
I embrace all that I am, and so I start to sprout wings
dance in the sunlight, blessing every beautiful being
my presence is the present, when I heal you, you heal me
it is a connection, we drown in love til beauty is all we see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am healed and healer. I send you love... the essence of who we truly are. Namaste.

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