HIM of Praise


HIM of Praise

HIM of Praise



life; broken

used unwashed homeless tired sad hurt questing for an answer, yes it is HIM who loves me JESUS. The answer to every question. ABOVE every other namme the HIM who seems so far away and yet eye find the love is still in evidence the richness in the finding.  Love is given never taken the takers and the shakers come to HIM and get dumbfounded, the poor questors will still receive communion.  Live is a mobius stripped not the start of the cradle to the grave sinfilled natural disaster somewhere in my timeline lies uninterrupted salvation. HIM who loved me also called me to tell his people of HIS namme. HIM who loves ewe also needs ewe to call on HIM in fear and trembling YES and then to drop the fear of days gone bye and love HIM for YES HE loves. HIM who writes the names in BOOK of LIFE loves all of us the namme of JESUS the namme the namme is JESUS. HE who brings us life also brings us days then HE adds them to our lives. JESUS. HIM of Praise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a poem but eye am posting fabels now so its a prose poem
a fabel a charlaxfabel

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