In a desperate attempt to connect

It's like we're desperate to connect
Like... everything we do
Help, Hurt, Create, Share, Destroy
Is just an unfed hunger to be understood
To not feel alone, or invisible, or cut off

Look at me!



It's why we have words






It's why we stay with our young and nurture them

Raced to build the tallest building in NYC

Arm ourselves  and fight over pig skins filled with air

Connection. Interaction.


What is this?
Right here?

My writing is not some personal impulse I indulge in
I do not dress to impress myself
Every song I listen to makes me think of a different person
All of my hopes and hurts and fears beat deeply in pieces of a heart in OTHER'S HANDS

I have never in my life been alone on this Earth
Even sitting here, I am interacting with thousands of people
Books, linens, computer, phone, jewelry, flowers, art supplies, makeup, paper products...
How many hands did these things pass through?
Pieces of them?
How many hands went into MAKING them before they reached me?

Who has been in this room before me?
Owned it?
Built it?
Walked on the ground before it was here?

How many generations of blood run in these very veins?
I cannot even imagine what my family encoded into my DNA

The very thoughts in my head are the direct result of human history
My ancestors interbreeding and moving
Sailing over oceans and raping the natives and then their own slaves
To land me in a society that thrives on commodities
And forces you to sort through advertising
Political posturing
Religious "moral" brainwashing
After a half hearted attempt at "educating"
Only to make you a slave to a wage
While making you feel like shit so they can SELL you shit

But I am Human
And I feel that
So deeply that I can barely feel myself sometimes
So I stay, and I wait for the day it might change
When I am no longer forced to stand on my own all alone
Because the people around me stopping fighting each other
And fought only to right the wrongs done to their brothers
After they let go of of their greed or maybe their vanity
Stopped to look around them a moment and think

I don't want to be selfish anymore
I don't want to fight over the right way to fix things
I just want them to change
I want the world to be better now
I want to MAKE that happen

Don't you?

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