Maybe It's Me

Lost Love

Maybe it's me? 

Maybe I'm just not worthy of being cared about? 

Or maybe it's you?

That can't see? 

Maybe I'm not worth a second glance? 

Maybe I'm broken? 

Never worthy of finding love.

You were a dangerous bet, but I took a chance. 

Now it's time to really look around. 

To see through other's eyes how it must look.

To acknowledge that you never felt the same way. 

My heart is broken, you stomped it to the ground. 

Maybe it's you, 

Maybe you've been hurt too many times before. 

I wanted a chance to love you like you deserved, 

I had no intentions of hurting you too. 

I should just walk away but hope keeps me here. 

I hope you will see what you mean to me

I hope you'll see I really do care

That deep. down you want me near. 

But I can't stand the pain

Watching you run to someone else every time I turn around. 

You're blind when it comes to my heart. 

There's nothing here for me to gain. 

Maybe it's me? 

I'm just not the one for you. 

Or maybe it's you who is to blame. 

For being too blind to really see. 

Either way, it's time to give up all I dreamed. 

Admit I'll always be alone in the end. 

The magic has faded away. 

Reality wasn't as perfect as it once seemed



Stephen's picture

You deserve better than him.

Believe in yourself.