The Begininning, The Middle, And The End

Before I started dating you, I was a confident man.


I knew exactly what I wanted and where I was going.


I could sleep soundly at night.




When I was dating you, I was a happy man.


I knew I wanted to talk to you as much as I could,


and spending time with you was my greatest joy.


I could sleep soundly at night,


because you were the first and last person I thought of.




On the days leading to our breakup, I was an anxious man.


I knew I was lighting us on fire,


yet I could not stop because you still seemed cold.


I couldn't sleep at night,


because you had become distant.




After our breakup, I am an empty man.


I know I will be fine without you,


and that I never needed you.


I can barely sleep at night,


because even when I’m in someone else’s bed you are all I think about.

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