Welcomed Surrender

In sanctum's aisle - welcomes the surrender,
blessings sipped from Heaven's sweetest wine
Vineyard's yield, brims each vessel served,
paying homage to the nuptial's woven vine


Vowed hearts bestowed- each to other's keep,
night's embrace void to succumbing still
Love’s absence of falter - prevailing the years,
vestige of plummeting trestle’s, forever nil

 Beneath the veil - smiles every moment's dream;
a mirrored facet from night’s brightest star
Roses aligning aisle for petal strewn way,
bows homage to image of their beauty’s par

 Mist of morn moistens a long sharing kiss;
offered in liquid depths of jade colored eyes
Timeless recall -- to paint the elegant views,
portrayed with the promise of everlasting ties

 In sanctum's aisle - welcomes the surrender;
blessings sipped -- from Heaven's sweetest wine
Vessel's serving- each heart's contented yield,
till time's eternal, our love is a woven vine.


© C.E. Vance


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A quick bit of nothing.

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