Love's Final Debt

All my thoughts were forever yours;
shackled to heart surrendered to you
Pledges foretold a fulfillment of dreams;
with time's passing they faded from view

Undaunted by tears, I pleadingly shed,
your eyes for another granted no heed
My placement within miniscule thoughts,

bore me to a region of darkened dread
Landscapes in black, beneath lighted skies,
fashioned my days into fall of night
Trapped in a maze by depression’s spawns,
phantoms following near in deathly guise

Within held encasement of muzzle’s cold,
temptations beckon with lost hope’s fate
Plaguing whispers ceaselessly urge,
surrender to prompts of haunting’s hold

Delivered by flash, in reporting thunder,
easement given to a broken heart
Summoned abyss to each morrow’s dawn
within your hand finds ending sunder

On a tide of crimson, sails are set;
passive in calm comes without waver
Lost in a sea of turmoil thoughts,
another fool pays love's final debt

© C.E. Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not the best flow, but it conveys what I intended.

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