Child in Keep


Drifting to sleep - with caress of a lullaby,
Come sights to see - thoughts whisk you far away
Tidings in tinsel - threshold promises all and more
A brush past chimes - soft jingle from hanging galore
Nowhere  too far - found treasures placed in a jar

Through eyes of children - a wish upon a star
Filled with dreams - all melodies and happy songs
Wonders believed - taking flight on golden wings
Sail the winds - glide past majestic clouds
Into a realm where castles are formed from sand

Each joyous day - astride ponies on a carousel
Merry go round - play hide and seek behind a tree
Skip along journey’s path -- laid length in cobbled stones
Kneel before placid streams - mirrored sight of your smiles
Reflections of light that hold  you safely through the night

Rise of morning - emerging star for following day
Across the fields - sun shining ever so brightly
Hope and laughter - greeting for travelers along the way
Behold their shimmer - hearts are held within your hands
Always embrace this child of wonderment to your keep


C.E.Vance ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A moment in time.

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